Failure to repay your
borrowed funds


Failure to repay your short-term loan

This will result in a R60 service fee and 5% interest charge added every month on top of the principal debt. Accounts exceeding a period of over two months are handed over to our debt collection department and this in turn may affect your credit score as well as chances of obtaining future credit. It is the wisest thing not to borrow if you are ever in doubt of your ability to repay back the loan as this may make your financial standing even worse.

Compliance and Privacy

Fudo is a fully accredited financial service provider with the South African National Credit Regulator. We are a 100% financial services company with our offices in Pretoria. All information gathered from our digital platform is dealt with the utmost confidentiality. No customer information will ever be made available to the public, advertising agencies or any other agencies for whatever reasons.

POPIA Disclamer

By completing the application form and providing personal information linked to the application, I/we hereby grant my voluntary consent that my/our personal information may be processed, collected, used, and disclosed in compliance with the Protection of Personal Information Act, 4 of 2013. I/we furthermore agree that by completing this application form and providing personal information linked to the application, my/our personal information may be used for the lawful and reasonable purposes in as far as Fudo Finance Pty Ltd (responsible party) must use my/our information in the performance of its legal duty. I/we understand that my/our personal information may be disclosed to a third party in as far as Fudo Finance Pty Ltd must fulfil its legal duty. I/we furthermore understand that there are instances in terms of abovementioned Act where my express consent is not necessary to permit the processing of personal information, which may be related to litigation or when the information is publicly available.

Terms & Conditions

This page contains Fudo's terms and conditions.
By using the website you agree to be bound to these terms and conditions.

All of the information on the Fudo website is designed as general reference for potential and current Moola users. It is not intended to be used as general financial advice. Fudo does not offer financial or investment advice and recommends that you seek independent professional advice before using any of the information contained within this site.

While all practical efforts have been made to verify the veracity and utility of the information contained on this website Fudo cannot guarantee its accuracy or usefulness. The information contained within is intended for the purposes of guidance and should not be taken as definitive or wholly accurate.

No information on this website should be seen as a future promise or past representation of Fudo or its services. The information is current when you view it but Fudo reserves the right to change any information found on this website at any time with no prior notice.

If you wish to use Fudo 's services you must be a South African citizen who is over 18 years of age. You need to make sure that the details you give us are accurate and comprehensive and you need to inform us of any changes to your situation or details immediately.


To the extent permitted by the law, Fudo, its directors and any other involved parties exclude all responsibility and liability with respect to this website. Fudo is not responsible for any mistakes, omissions, misinterpretations or misuse of information from this website, nor are we liable for any damage, cost or expense incurred.

To the extent permitted by the law, Fudo excludes any and every warranty and condition that could otherwise by applied with respect to this website, the information on it and the services offered. We reserve the right to change the information contained on this website at any time.

Security responsibilities

Using this website and signing up to the service mean that you agree:

To choose a password that is not the same, or similar to, any of your other passwords for any other account or service of yours;

That the password you select should not relate to any readily accessible data such as your name, birth date, address, telephone number, driver's license, license plate or passport. Nor can it be an obvious combination of letters and numbers, including sequential or same numbers or letters;

To not disclose your password to any other person and take reasonable measures to ensure that others are not able to view your password when you enter it;

To monitor the records of your account and inform us of any discrepancy, error or unauthorized access; Not to let anyone else know or use your password;

Not to write down your password anywhere;

To inform us immediately if anyone else learns your password;

Not to leave your computer unattended when you are logged in;

Not to download, open or run any software or attachments from unknown or untrustworthy sources.


The user and Fudo hereby irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts of South Africa in respect of any claim or matter arising under or in connection with the content or use of the site.

Privacy Policy

We take the collection of your personal information seriously. Ngoti Development Consultants Pty Ltd and any of its related companies, brands, entities or affiliates including, but not limited to Fudo understand that if you provide personal information to us, you are trusting us to use the personal information for proper purposes. You have our assurance that we will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the personal information you provide to us is protected from misuse or unauthorised disclosure. Personal information collected through any of our websites including Fudo or any other website owned or operated by us, any loan application submitted to us, any loan you hold with us, or through any communications you have with us will be held by us in

What personal information do we collect?

When you use our website, apply for, or hold a loan from us, or otherwise make enquiries of us, we may request you provide us with personal information, such as, but not limited to:

• your name;
• email address;
• telephone numbers;
• credit or debit card details;
• bank account details;
• details of your employment (including income levels and employer's name); and
• driver license number (which is voluntary for you to provide to us, unless we require it as part of the terms of
your loan application and/or loan).

We may also collect personal information about you from third parties, such as credit reporters, credit agencies, referees, your present, future or former employer, any other creditor you have, and any former creditor.

When you provide us with your personal information, you are consenting to our use of such information and our right to disclose it to third parties.

When you visit our website, we may also collect more information, such as:

• details of your Internet service provider;
• the name of the web page directing you to our website;
• your activity on our site; and
• browser type and operating system.
This information is used in a combined manner to analyse how visitors use our site so we can improve our service.

How do we collect the personal information?

We collect personal information in the following ways:

1. Directly from you when you:

o Complete and submit to us any loan application form;
o Request us to provide our products and services or make an enquiry about our products and services, including
through online chat, social media or email; or o Subscribe to any communications from us or a third party who we have dealings with such as updates, publications, or newsletters.

2. In the course of providing our products and services to you.

3. Directly from you, from third parties acting on your authority, or third parties who you authorise us to make contact with about you.

4. Publicly available information searched as part of carrying out checks or as part of the provision of our products or services to you.

5. From agents and service providers that we may engage to assist us with fulfilling any of the purposes recorded in this Privacy Policy.

6. By using tracking soô€…Śware which allows us to see user activity on our websites including, but not limited to, IP address, source of web traffic, browser and operating system, and time spent on our website and page views.

7. Bank Verification Service

o Allows you to authorise us to obtain copies of your recent bank statements from the date of application, at any time during the loan, or for a period of six months after expiry and/or termination of the loan.

1. This is done for the purposes of assessing your loan application;

2. Assessing changes or variations in your loan and/or;

3. Assessing an application for hardship

o The bank verification service does not provide us with ability to access or store your login details

Why we collect information

o To process your loan, including assessing general lending risks and to better understand your financial needs;

o To provide you with services so that we can meet our contractual obligations to you;

o To verify your identity;

o To contact you or reply to your enquiries;

o To conduct credit and other checks concerning your identity and creditworthiness, for debt collection purposes, for our own internal purposes (such as risk management, staff training and billing);

o Where you are in default in making loan payment to us (including interest payments), to contact your employer to advise your employer of your default and to have money deducted from your wages to meet your loan payments;

o To administer your loan with us and for any other use which you may authorise from time to time; as reasonably necessary for our business operations and purposes;

o Any enforcement of the loan in the event you default on any of the terms or conditions under which the loan was approved and provided to you;

o To make your information available to third parties who may have products or services that we consider may be of interest to you, or who may wish to offer to provide products or services to you;

o To communicate with you about our products and services and the products and services of our affiliates and of third parties that we consider may be of interest to you;

• Including mailing lists and targeted marketing when you provide your name, email address and phone number.

o To detect and prevent money laundering and other criminal activities; and to identify and prevent fraud;

o To help us to develop our website to be more available and user friendly to our customers; and

o To complete audits and regulatory checks

If you fail to give us any personal information we request, we may decline your loan application, restrict the services or products accessible to you and/or be unable to respond to your enquiries.

Who we disclose the information to

We may disclose your information to our affiliates for any of the purposes outlined above. In addition, in providing our products and services to you, or in carrying out any of the other functions mentioned above, we may also disclose your personal information to our contractors or agents, and any other organisations, as follows:

o Where we are under a duty to comply with the law.

o Where we need to enforce any of our Credit Agreement with you including, our General Terms and Conditions.

o To reputable third parties to enable statistics to be gathered about our customers and related site functions. It is possible that those statistics will identify you.

o To any assignee, transferee, potential assignee, or potential of our transferee of our interest in your loan for the purpose of assigning.

o Or transferring any rights we have under any loan with you, or any associated rights.

o Where you have consented to receiving promotional materials, to any third party that wishes to contact you in respect of services or products We, or they, think may interest you.

o Where we are either buying a business or assets or selling our business or assets, including our website.

Additionally, we may use other companies and individuals to perform services on our behalf, such as sending correspondence (including mail and emails), processing payments (for example, our bank) and conducting any loan collection or enforcement services. They will have access to your personal information needed to perform the relevant services, but we will not authorise them to use your information for any other purposes.

We may also disclose information we hold about you to credit reporting bodies for the following purposes:

o Assessing your credit capacity, eligibility, or history in connection with an application for a loan;
o Collecting payments from any loan you hold with us; and
o Managing our credit relationship with you.

A credit reporting body may also use your information for other credit reporting services, including the provision of positive or comprehensive credit reporting and the provision of that information to the credit reporting body's customers.


We may use cookies on our websites from time to time. Cookies are very small files that a website uses to identify you when you come back to the site and to store details about your use of the site.

We use cookies to analyse traffic to our websites and help us improve user experience. Cookies may be used to serve relevant advertisements to you through third party services such as Google AdWords. These advertisements may appear on our websites or other websites you visit.
You may choose to turn off cookies by changing the settngs in your browser. However, this may prevent you from taking full advantage of our websites.


By providing us with your personal information you consent to us contacting you by email, SMS, or telephone. We will not be responsible if any message is received by another person who has access to your computer, mobile phone, or telephone. You may elect not to receive marketing material by clicking unsubscribe or by contacting us on

Access to information

You may request access to any of your personal information we hold. You may request that the personal information we hold about you be corrected. If you wish to do this, you can contact us on the email provided.

Links to other websites or affiliates

Our website may contain links to other websites that are not owned by us or under our control. These links are provided for your convenience only and providing the link does not represent sponsorship, association, endorsement, or approval of these websites. We have no responsibility for linked websites, their privacy policies and practices, or their communication with you, and provide them solely for your information and convenience. These websites have their own privacy policies and we encourage you to review them. If you do not wish to receive marketing material from another website, you will need to contact the administrator of the relevant website.

Social media

If and when you interact with us via our social media including, but not limited to, following, liking, commenting, or mentioning us, we are able to have access to your interactions and profile information. We, as well as these social media providers, may use this information to track usage, analyse data, deliver targeted advertising, and see how people interact with our content. we may also use this information in order to communicate with you. Even if you remove your interaction, we still have access to this information.

Policy changes

We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time or as required (for example to reflect changes in the relevant law) and if we do so we will post an updated version of this Privacy Policy on our website. Please check back from time to time to review our Privacy Policy.