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How it works

Below is an in depth look at our entire lending process and exactly what is involved during your online financial application. Remember that our team is always available to offer you our friendly support should you have any further questions.

For first time customers

R3000 | 30 Days and R6000 | 90Days
Our applications are designed to be under 6 minutes. Personal details such as your full name, ID number, email address as well as your phone number will be required to successfully complete the application. Our office may contact you during your application, so it is necessary to keep your phone close by in order to help speed things up.

How to dicide how much you need to borrow

Our digital platform has an online EMI loan calculator that will allow you to use sliders in order to work out how much you want to borrow, when you can pay it back and our system will give an indication of your approximate repayment amounts.

Digital signing of documents

You will be required to sign and submit certain digital documents online. Our office will then send you a copy of the agreement to your email.

What I need to know in order to qualify

Are you a South African citizen or hold a valid working visa?

Are you 18 and above?

Do you have a bad credit record or are bankrupt?

Do you have a source of incoming and can provide a payslip /bank statements as proof?

Do you have an active bank account where your salary goes into?

Do you have an active cell phone and email account?